The Venus Factor Diet Plan Review

Written by Lydia T. Steele. Posted in Diet Plan

Since many people have been struggling with losing weight today, we will tackle about the Venus Factor Diet Plan. This is designed mainly for women who want to lose weight in particular and tone the muscles firmly. This workout program can guarantee fat loss in just 12 weeks.

What is the Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor Diet PlanThe Venus Factor is a comprehensive body workout program created by John Barban and Brad Pilon. It includes nutritional diet and basic to strenuous exercises targeting the firming and shaping of a woman’s whole physiology. It is not merely a weight loss program, but also beneficial for forming women’s overall figure in a healthy way.

You are probably wondering whether the Venus Factor is expensive or not. Unlike the P90X, the Venus Factor is less expensive, about $47. Not to mention that it includes a complete workout items to help you lose weight fast. The package includes the following:

· The Venus Index Podcasts – these are audio interviews by other members or users of the product on their successful weight loss plan. These will motivate you to pursue your aim whenever you feel exhausted or lose hope.

· The Factor Diet and Weight Loss eBook manual in 180 pages

· The Venus Community – an access to some exclusive Venus Community platforms, such as forums, blogs, etc.

· The 12-Week Workout System – a library with several instructional workout videos

· The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist – an app that helps you check your protein and calorie intakes

The Purpose of the Venus Factor e-Book Manual

“The first few pages in the e-book apparently say that the Venus System is the simplest possible method to obtaining weight loss while giving a workout program for firming and shaping muscles in a way that is specific to a woman’s body.”

The Venus Factors members are satisfied with what the plan provides them. As we all know, many women made mistakes in losing weight and firming muscles. Some of them utilized the wrong methods and equipment that resulted in an undesired body figure. They might have used the tools suitable for men, which is a big mistake in working out. For this matter, the Venus Factor Diet Plan is designed specifically for women’s needs — providing them the perfect womanly body figure.

The manual breaks down into two sections: Part1 – Weight Loss/Fat Removal and Part2 – Muscle/Toning/Body Shaping.

Part 1 – Weight Loss/Fat Removal

This section helps you on how to lose weight the right way. Before working out, you have to get rid of excess fat first. The Venus Factor definitely focuses more on losing weight healthily before starting off the most complicated part, which is the Part 2. As a rule of thumb, never tone your muscles with complex workout programs if you still have those fats. Consequently, you would only look like a male bodybuilder, and of course, you do not want that to happen. Hence, this section in the manual is very essential, as it provides a helpful guide on choosing the right meal to add to your diet.

Part 2 – Muscle/Toning/Body Shaping

Now this is the time you will incorporate those complex workout programs, provided you have lost weight already (as taught in the Part 1). A woman’s body figure and shape is determined by two factors: (1) Location and quantity of body fat, and (2) Muscle shape and size. So, in this section, it will focus on shaping your muscles and toning them to provide you the body shape you long desire.

The 12-Week Metabolic Override Program

This is the 12-week diet plan included in the Venus Factor, and it is quite complicated. You have to re-read it to comprehend exactly what needs to be done. Take note you need to use the Venus Factor app with this 12-week diet plan, as it will guide you on limiting the calorie intake per day/week properly. The purpose of the 12-week diet plan is to “baffle” your metabolism, which will be forced to keep running at high speeds to maintain your changing diet.

From meal planning to working out strenuously, the Venus Factor Diet Plan is a perfect workout program. Not only does it teach you how to track your calorie intake daily, but it also serves as beneficial workout program suitable for women. You do not have to go to your favorite gym to lose weight and tone your muscles. With the Venus Factor, you can do everything in getting the body shape you want at the convenience of your home.

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