Does the Venus Factor Really Work?

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Does the Venus Factor Really WorkToday’s women, with increased awareness of all the evil that over weight can do, have increased their appetite for fitness. I had this hunger for a slim waistline and a figure that is pretty much in shape. So, I always followed these flashy diet courses and rigorous work-out schedules like celebrities to cut down on the accumulated fat . It worked ! I did become slim. but shockingly the weight came back like a tennis ball that is thrown at a wall. I, then realized that it is not any more to keep a check on my food intake. Especially after my baby is born, it’s become even more difficult. But I found the miracle soon, in the form of Venus Factor .. This also unleashed some interesting facts about how easily a slender figure can attained just by balancing the quantity of few key hormones.

What is Leptin and its role in weight reduction ?

Leptin is one of the regulating hormone in human body which signals brain, upon the adequate consumption of food. A woman has three times more leptin hormones in her body than a man !!! But when the effect of leptin goes down on brain, this state is called Leptin Resistance. In the state of lipton resistance, the most hazardous effect is that we hardly can stick on to a diet system. Post pregnancy, most of the women are tend to get into this state.

Venus factor and leptin resistance:

The most ironic fact is that, even the most efficient diet systems would always end up talking about increasing the nutrition quotient in diet but not about the hormonal balance. This way they do provide you with a strict diet schedule that provides all the necessary protein to your body but fails to restrict your hunger. As a result, the weight loss does happen, but it takes only few weeks for obesity to pounce on you.

Venus factor’s diet schedule ensures that the follower is not in the crib of Leptin resistance anymore. So this is the most unique factor of this weight loss program that they do help you not gain your weight again. Many other diet programs which I am pretty much skeptical about, are comprising of sugar-free foods, low fat foods etc. But as mentioned above it is very much likely to happen that the follower of these programs, break the rules of diet because of their high leptin resistance levels. So the root of the problem is ” Leptin Resistance”. There is a most unique and perfect way as to how does Venus factor work on increasing the efficiency of Leptin hormone.

Venus Factor and various hindrances of weight reduction:

When many people asked me “does Venus factor work?”, I thought I must explain what I know, and what is proven so that many people can benefit through this program.

Social Support : When women start dieting or a new work out program , they look forward to a lot of sharing about that. But the problem that most of the mothers face is that, they don’t get enough time or opportunity to mingle with others and talk about their routine or diet schedules. As a result, the de-motivation starts too soon , and they stop on the work outs. But with Venus factor, you do not have to go out to meet other ladies to discuss about how your workouts are going on. They have an online community where you get to talk to a lot other women who are following this program and share your experiences. You may even get some quick tips from then in term of difficult exercises.

Slow and Steady, win the figure forever: There are thousands of weight reduction programs which will need you to be on starving diet schedule. As a result you actually end up eating more after following it for certain time. So, you do attain weight loss, but tend to gain it back too soon. But Venus factor is designed to be in such way that the follower of this program do not need to starve, neither crave. It is a smart program that effects hunger directly to reduce eating. So the final impact is that you gain hormonal balance and you lose craving for more food.

Intelligent way of burning fat: The work out plans in Venus Factor are very smartly designed to effect the fat cells in a quicker way. They are slightly difficult but very effective and very quick.

People wonder “does Venus Factor work on weight or restoring the balance of lipton hormone” .. The definite answer is this wonderful program works on both ! Hence, the effect is long term.

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