What is the Venus Factor, and is it a scam?

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What is the Venus FactorThere is no form more beautiful than a woman’s body, yet many women today are exceedingly unhappy about how they look. A large majority is unable to shed and/or keep off the extra pounds, and this is especially true among women who have given birth. Unfortunately, there are several dietary and workout programs on the market that are of no help to women, more so because they provide a restrictive plan that promises immediate results.

Cue in John Barban’s Venus Factor body transformation program, which uses scientific research to guarantee optimum results for all women. This program is neither an exclusive weight loss or weight gain program, but rather a program that has been devised to give women a sexy and attractive feminine body shape.

The 2 part program includes exercise routines and nutrition plans. Below we will explore the Venus Factor in detail, and answer the common question What is the Venus Factor?’


To begin with, the Venus Factor program acknowledges that the female body makeup is different from that of a man. Additionally, the program takes into account that women have much higher leptin levels than men, yet their bodies do not respond to the presence of this fat burning hormone. Furthermore, research done by Josh Barban shows that when women diet their leptin levels drastically fall, in turn slowing down their metabolism. Using this information the program aims to induce a metabolic override- increasing the body’s reaction to leptin.

The basis of the entire program is the Venus index, which requires women to calculate their height-to-waist ratios, their waist-to-hip ratios and their waist-to-shoulder ratios. The Venus Factor program understands that women have different body types and therefore a standard workout program will not benefit everyone. For that reason, ratios are needed to determine what each woman’s workout needs are.

There is a 12 week workout manual that is divided into 3 phases, each lasting for 4 weeks. The manual includes a step by step exercise plan that utilizes pictures, tutorial videos and instructions to ensure fat burning, muscle burning and body transformation. There are varying exercises used, including high intensity interval training, weight lifting, muscle building exercises and resistance training- each targeting different muscle groups.

The second part of the program provides a nutrition plan that is tailored to suit different female body types. A virtual nutritionist will help calculate your most favorable caloric intake, based on the results of the Virtual index and the lifestyle information you will need to input into the program. An eating guide will also help you adjust your eating habits so that your body can take full advantage of the program.


1. The workout plan is simple, easy to follow and effective, and can be used by beginners. Additionally, the flexibility of the plan means that women who have hectic schedules can easily adhere to it (The exercises are performed 3 days a week).
2. This home workout plan requires no specialized equipment, as a set of dumbbells and a bench will suffice.
3. The VF online community is extremely helpful during your program, as they provide encouragement and moral support, as well as allow you to experience a social dynamic that is missing in home workout programs. You can also share your workout victories and milestones as you achieve them.
4. This program is safe for your body as it does not demand for you to use potentially harmful medications or undergo starvation diets. At the end of the day you will be left with a healthy and attractive body.
5. The non restrictive nutrition plan means that you can still consume your favorite foods- therefore you will not experience cravings.
6. The reshaping body techniques are aimed at reducing extra fat in the common problem areas; hips, belly, thighs and waist. These techniques positively emphasize the most attractive female body parts.
7. The entire program is enjoyable and the gradual reduction in weight means that you will sustain your attractive form once the program is done.
8. The Venus Factor customer service is excellent and efficient; your queries will be attended to in less than 24 hours.
9. There is a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, for those who are not 100% satisfied.

Now that you have read the information in this article you can answer the question What is the Venus Factor?’ It is a highly effective body transformation program for women, that has revolutionized how we approach working out.

ABOUT J.B: John Barban is a respected fitness professional that has studied physiology, nutrition and biology at the highest levels.

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