All you need to know about the leptin diet

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The leptin diet

The leptin diet is a food guideline that manages what we consume, in an effort to ensure that our bodies are sensitive to the leptin hormone. There are 5 core fundamentals that revolve around the leptin diet, which we will explore below.

leptin diet

The 5 fundamentals/rules of the leptin diet

RULE 1: The first rule states that you should not eat any food after you have had your dinner. In fact, your dinner should be eaten at least 3 hours before you head to bed. The reasoning behind this is that late night snacks are most likely to be stored as fat deposits in our body, as our inactive state at night prevents food from being burnt off as energy.

RULE 2: You should consume 3 meals a day(spaced 5-6 hours apart), with no snacks in between your square meals. This is because it is simpler to keep track of the food you are taking in if you are eating 3 square meals, as compared to several smaller meals.

RULE 3: The third rule is directly related to the previous rule; you should not consume large meals. When you are told to consume 3 square meals daily, you might interpret this as eating 3 large meals daily. However, this will only lead to increased fat deposits in your body leading to obesity. Instead eat until you are almost full, rather than 100% stuffed.

RULE 4: Eat a protein based breakfast, and make breakfast the most important meal of your day. The reasoning behind this is that a protein rich breakfast boosts healthy levels of leptin, as well as reduces cravings and enhances your metabolic system.

RULE 5: When you are asked what your favorite meal is, you will probably come up with answers that include pasta, cheese, ice cream and bread. Unfortunately rule number 5 advises you to reduce your consumption of carbs, in an attempt to promote your weight loss goals.

If you are looking to achieve optimum results, remember to apply each of these rules in your daily routine today.

Boosting your leptin diet results

The leptin diet is an amazing way to achieve your weight loss target, and if you adhere to the rules above you are guaranteed to lose weight. However, there are a number of actions you can undertake if you want to boost your leptin diet results. We will look at these closely below.

ACTION 1: Consume high quality foods

Your nutritional plan should include a variety of organic and fresh food. In addition, apart from cutting out carbs as stated above, you should also eliminate fructose, sugars, refined foods and simple starches from your diet. This will result in minimized cravings, increased energy levels and reduced levels of toxins in your body.

ACTION 2: Exercise!

You do not need to participate in intense workouts to benefit from the full effects of the leptin diet. Instead consistent and regulated workouts will lead to increased levels of healthy leptin, enhanced metabolism, and improved energy levels. So look at adding walking, swimming, sprinting and weight lifting routines into your daily life.

ACTION 3: Go to bed by 10pm

Leptin resistance can be attributed to a lack of sleep, and it is therefore important for you to maximize on your sleeping hours. By going to sleep at 10 you can ensure that the healthy production of leptin is guaranteed.

ACTION 4: Take dietary supplements

Nutritional supplements complement the leptin diet, and boost the achievement of your weight loss targets. These supplements help increase your energy levels, improve your metabolic rate, diminish your cravings and develop your hormone balance.

ACTION 5: Make sure to consume satisfying meals

An ideal meal should have a caloric value of 400-600 calories, and should consist of 40% fat, 30% protein and 30% carbs. These high nutrient foods ensure satiation, and prevent overeating and snacking which come as a direct result of unsatisfying meals.

Now that you know all there is about the leptin diet begin incorporating the aforementioned rules into your daily routine. However, if you are a woman looking to attain the perfect body shape, the Venus Factor might be suited to your needs. This body transformation program takes into account your feminine shape so that you can acheive that dream body while remaining completely healthy.

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