What leptin reset stands for?

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Before I let you know more about the leptin reset, it is first important for you to understand what leptin is and what leptin resistance is.

Leptin: Leptin is a crucial hormone that controls our appetite and our weight gain. This is done through the regulation of the amount of food we take in, as well as the amount of fat that we burn off as energy. By informing our brain that we have consumed enough food, leptin makes our bodies feel full thus preventing us from overeating.

leptin reset

Leptin resistance: Leptin resistance is a condition that involves our brain’s inability to effectively respond to the leptin in our body, in turn leading to inadequate weight loss, appetite function and energy expenditure. Leptin resistance has also been known to cause diabetes, high blood pressure, decreased fertility, early aging, heart failure and strokes.

What is leptin reset?

Leptin reset is simply the actions taken to combat leptin resistance, by increasing our body’s sensitivity to the hormone. So if you are suffering from this condition and would like to regain your leptin sensitivity, read on for some great tips and advice.

The do’s of leptin reset

– Make sure to eat within 30 minutes of you rising. Go for a filling breakfast which is rich in protein, so that you are satiated throughout the day. Additionally, limit your carbs to less than 50 grams during breakfast

– Hunger cravings usually begin to diminish within 4-6 weeks, and once this has taken place you can switch from 3 meals daily to 2 meals daily

– Give yourself 4 to 5 hours between the time you have dinner and the time you go to bed. Additionally, leave at least 12 hours between the time you have dinner and the time you have breakfast

– Try and go to sleep before 10pm, in order to maximize on your sleeping hours. Lack of sleep has been proven to contribute to leptin resistance

– Do incorporate fiber, protein and healthy fats into your diet. Additionally, eat more foods with Omega-3 (fish, chia seeds)

– Do include light and consistent exercises into your daily routine, including walking, weight lifting, sprinting and swimming

– Do take the Irvingia supplement, as this has been revealed to boost leptin sensitivity

– Manage your stress levels, as chronic stress has been shown to cause leptin resistance

– Do 3 to 5 minutes of body weight exercises if you have trouble sleeping

– Expose yourself to a few minutes of midday sun

The don’ts of leptin reset

– Do not count calories as you eat, instead focus on portion control and the types of foods you eat

– Do not snack, but instead follow a 3 meal a day plan. This is because snacking destroys your appetite and circadian clock, which works in tandem with leptin- leptin must be kept in a proper rhythm

– Do not exercise before and after breakfast, instead carry out your workouts later in the day- preferably after 5pm

– Do not consume foods containing fructose, simple starches and sugars, and stay away from refined foods

– Do not exercise at the beginning of your leptin reset, instead wait for your body to heal from the effects of leptin resistance before you begin to workout

– Do not over-exercise, and stay away from intense and extreme workouts as they only breakdown your body

How can you tell if the leptin reset is working?

– You will witness a change in your sweating pattern

– You will experience an increase in your energy levels

– Hunger pangs and cravings will begin to diminish, until they are eliminated altogether

– You will awaken in the morning feeling rested and refreshed

– You will begin to lose weight and fit differently into clothes- better body proportions

– Your skin will look and feel younger and better

Undergoing the leptin reset may seem like an overwhelming task, yet it is simply a matter of a lifestyle change. So if you are leptin resistant and would like to overcome this condition, follow these rules for the do’s and don’ts of leptin reset and witness the amazing results.

If you are an overweight woman suffering from leptin resistance and would like to undergo a leptin reset program that caters to your feminine shape, then look at the Venus factor. This 12 week program combines workouts and diets tailored to women with leptin resistance, so that leptin sensitivity can be restored.

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