How to lose weight?


All women dream of losing weight and do it quickly. Not an exception also women in age. The actual answer to the question – how to lose weight when you 50 or more? And also how to lose weight in 55, 60 and other years.

Usually losing weight after 50 is not a big problem if you just limit your food intake from 18:00, as a last resort from 19:00. This will definitely give its effect, since, beginning with 50-55 years, the body of a woman goes on to lower calorie intake, which along with the lack of food until morning, will give results – you can lose 5, 10, and 15 kg.
How to easily and quickly lose weight in 50, 55, 60 years:

50, 55 years – the age in our culture is ambiguous. “Ordinary” women at this time have children and grandchildren, busy with their country houses or work, but they do not always think about themselves, their appearance and health. Unfortunately, but true: a woman who has given birth and raised children and cares about grandchildren begins to think that she is already old. But there are still women and unusual – and not just actresses and singers, but also real ladies who are not known to a wide number of ciitizens of many countries, in which they are 45 and 50, 55 and 60 (for example, Hope Babkin, and others), men of a younger age are looking back. At this time, increased attention to yourself is necessary. And one thing is that beauty is no longer in the foreground. Health – that’s what is important always, and the older we become, the more closely we should treat it. And a serious enemy of health is overweight. So how in this case to lose weight, in these golden 50, 55, 60 years? Cares for weight loss should be as early as possible, as the sooner we start, the easier it will be.
Rapid weight loss is harmful and at a young age, and only after 40 God himself ordered me not to hurry.

Diet for weight loss:

So how to lose weight, and most importantly how many kilograms (kg) per month you need to lose weight? All nutritionists agree that it is possible to lose weight by a maximum of 3-4 kilograms per month (especially after 45, 50, 55, 60 years). This is a safe, “healthy” weight loss, which should not lead to illness and frustration. Effective and long-lasting weight loss consists of three important:

  1. elements
  2. proper nutrition;
  3. exercises;
  4. patience.

It is worth to study in detail several different diets, ask those friends who used them, find out if there was an effect and how long it lasted. You can choose a single diet and follow it, or choose several recommendations from different diets, and combine them. It is good to make an appointment with a dietician – then you do not have to study diets yourself, the expert will tell you everything you need to know.
It is necessary to limit or, even, exclude from the diet such products as:

  • Flour, pasta and other flour products.
  • Avoiding chocolate and sweets,
  • Sharply salty dishes.
  • Fatty meat (for example, pork).
  • It is desirable to exclude fatty cottage cheese, sour cream.
  • You can exclude milk.
  • Avoid fried and smoked.

In order for the body to still receive all the necessary substances, it is desirable to choose a complex of vitamins and minerals, well, and, of course, actively eat vegetables and fruits. Especially useful are cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, beets, carrots, good potatoes (only not fries). Fruits – black currants, raspberries, strawberries, apples, pears, plums, cherries and sweet cherries – are not just delicious and vitaminous, it is also a real natural drugstore, with skillful application that can save you from having to buy medicines.
Exercises for weight loss

To ensure that the process is balanced, physical exercises are necessary. In each of them there is a place for exercises. They can be very diverse – callanetics, swimming (very good for health), jogging or simple trivial charging, familiar to everyone else from the school’s bench. Exercise should be done 4-5 times a week, preferably in the open air, not less than half an hour each time. Otherwise, the question of how to lose weight in 50 years will stand before you as sharply as the question of how to lose weight in 55 years.

The main thing in this business is regular walks (for example, in the evening).


Extra pounds are collected on your waist, legs, hands and other parts of the body not at once. It was a gradual process, perhaps stretching out over the years. Equally gradual should be putting yourself in order – and this requires a lot of patience. You can see the results of how to lose weight at 55, in 50 or 45 on your girlfriends only including if they are patient enough … Therefore, you and yourself need to be very patient. Follow the diet, do the exercises. Continue to follow the diet and do the exercises after you have achieved the desired weight, the same amount of time as you observed it before.