Who we are?

Welcome everyone. This the unofficial blog of the Colorado State Medical University, the main purpose of which is to share with general public some of our findings obtained in the course of scientific researches and practical work.

My name is Thompson Deerhun, I am the observer of this resource, and I’ve been working in the scientific department of the Colorado State Medical University for 25 years. I have Ph.D degree and defended thesis on the innovative methods of oncological diseases treatment.

The key purpose of this site is to make as much use as possible of the governmental financing and budgeting allocated for various researches in the mentioned sphere, i.e. that the maximum amount of individuals can have free access to these results and apply them for their benefit. I have to warn you from the very start that only those results, which are not confidential or commercial secret, are approved for publishing here, so you won’t find the full set of results of some of the studies performed.

You have several options how to find the information of interest for you – you can either organize a search, using our embedded search engine or you can go into one of the categories offered by our web architecture, i.e. oncology, infections, diabetes etc.

In case you haven’t found the information you need, you can send your questions or requests to us directly and I will try my best to advise you together with the team of experts of our University.

Some our feedbacks:

Carolin (London): Very useful, thank you doctor, really convenient way to get a piece of advise from US medical experts, to tell you the truth I have more trust to their approach than to local ones. And thanks a lot for such a quick response – it took less than three days to get an answer.

Paul (France): I like the way it is structured, very easy to find anything you need, however I have to admit, that I couldn’t find the information I needed searching by a keyword, so I had to look inside the categories, but nevertheless it seemed convenient enough for me.

Gerald (New York): This is awaful! Really, I think the data you publish are outdated and obsolete! Some of the links do not work! I spent a whole hour here trying hard, but found nothing.

Thompson Deerhun: Sorry for that, as it was advised by me in the introduction to this resource, in case you cannot find any information you need you are heartily invited to send you questions or requests to us by the e-mail given in contacts, and we will do our best to resolve you problems in the most efficient way.