Why ginger is good for health


Ginger has been used in the kitchen for a long time – who hasn’t tasted gingerbread cookies or ginger tea? It is also a real king of Indian and Asian cuisine. But in addition to the fact that ginger root is one of the most delicious spices on the planet, it is nutritious, rich in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc, low in calories. Ginger is also called a real panacea for many health problems. Let’s understand why the root of this plant is so useful.

Helps with nausea

Ginger is able to eliminate nausea during travel, in pregnant women or even after chemotherapy. Its properties are comparable to the effect of dimenhydrinate – the active substance in drugs used against injection and for the prevention and treatment of nausea in pregnant women. However, ginger has many bioactive components. If you have any illnesses or are expecting a baby, tell your doctor that you are taking this product.

Protects against infections

Ginger also contains the active compound gingerol, which helps protect against viruses. So if you want to avoid colds, fresh ginger juice will come in handy. It is also effective against the HRSV virus, a common cause of respiratory infections. It should be noted that dried ginger is not as useful as fresh. Therefore, when buying, keep in mind that the smoother the skin at the root, the better.

Reduces inflammation

Thanks to the antioxidant component of gingerol, supplements with ginger extract and ginger ointment help with inflammation. They are able to reduce stiffness and pain in people suffering from osteoarthritis. For those accustomed to regular physical activity, ginger can also be a useful life companion for athletes. After all, its daily use reduces muscle pain caused by exercise. You can use ginger essential oil – thanks to the warming effect, it improves blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue.

Able to prevent colon cancer

There is evidence that ginger supplements can help prevent colorectal cancer, especially in people at increased risk. After all, the root has anti-inflammatory properties. However, additional research is needed to obtain more convincing data.

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